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Working with ‘Anything In Particular’

Anything In Particular Mustard and Chrome Prova Lamp

From antique to vintage, from decorative to downright bizarre. We have been doing some work with Anything In Particular ( the last few months and really enjoying it.

I met Jon through a mutual friend a couple of months ago and we were talking about our businesses. His and his partners business is in buying (and sometimes restoring) all sorts of objects from any decade or even century. A lot of the objects he buys need some sort of restoration or even to be appropriated as something very slightly different. I was happy to help him with some of these objects.

As you can see from the object above this lamp was a wall lamp and by simply making a tasteful base it can now be used as a table lamp.

We will continue this relationship as it works well for both businesses. I also find it a challenge to think of a simple way to fix a problem much like when I am designing my own objects, design really is about solving a problem simply.