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Special Offer

Dear all

Just wanted to announce that we are doing a special offer until the end of February. If you contact us and add to the mailing list we can offer you a massive 25% off all products.
Yes, I know we’re a  bit late for the January sales but we like to do things differently (Blue Monday not Black Friday). So have a good look at the shop, make your choices of woods and flexes. Email us directly and we’ll give you the discount.

Thanks – Mark

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Trip to London with Lane (

Top Drawer Trade Fair, London

I enjoyed a day in London yesterday with Joff, Ollie and Rosie from Lane ( I have been doing some work with them in the last 6 months and so it was interesting to join them. The main reason for the journey was to visit the Top Drawer Trade Fair to get some ideas for possible products to add to the current Lane shop. We also visited G F Smith's (paper manufacturers) 'shop' in the west end and had a long tube ride to Epping where we visited The London Clothe Company. The was very interesting as they weave beautiful cloth on old looms.

London Clothe Company
GF Smith Paper Manufacturers
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Hopewells Nottingham

Hopewells Nottingham - Adjustable Standard Lamp

Just wanted to thank Hopewells furniture store in Nottingham for stocking my lights. At present they sell the Adjustable Standard Lamp but they will soon also have a standard lamp in the store as well. The picture shows one of our adjustable lights hiding behind a chair.

Hopewell’s is a really great store that has been in Nottingham for years and years. They sell all types and styles of quality furniture, lighting, fabrics, carpets etc. etc.

Hopefully the new light will be in over the next month or so.

Visit Hopewells online at